1% of sales from the Earthwise collection products are donated to nonprofits committed to protecting our environment. More than $250 million has been donated since the Earthwise collection began.

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Basecamp is proud to partner with Wounded Warrior Project and donated $100,000 in 2021 to support their mission to honor and empower wounded warriors.  

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Efficient energy for everyday

With over 3 billion people living without access to clean, reliable, or affordable energy, everyday tasks are made more difficult (and dangerous) than they should be. Access to clean energy can improve health, create education equality, economic empowerment, all the while combating climate change.

Working with over 700 NGOs and non-profits, we provide clean energy to those who need it most. Through our partners we distribute clean energy options that provide a more economical and environmentally friendly approach to everyday tasks.

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Operation Smile is an international medical humanitarian organization that is dedicated to raising awareness of children born with a cleft lip or cleft palate, which is a life-threatening issue and provides lasting solutions that allow children to be healed. Handstands has made enough donations over the last 20 years to repair over 10,000 faces across the world.

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Patriot Brand supports Homes For Our Troops

 Patriot brand of Drinkware - 20% of the net proceeds from the purchase of drinkware go on to support Homes for Our Troop. Since 2004, HFOT has built 290 specially adapted homes.


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 A Portion of each journal sold goes directly towards building schools worldwide. Fund education projects through creativity. As of 2018, the Denik movement has successfully funded five schools. Two in Mali, one in Guatemala, one n Laos, and one in Ghana.


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