Meet the Team

Greg Miller

Greg Miller is the President of BrandTastik Promotional Marketing; He's had a passion for art  and design since first taking painting lessons from an artist on his paper route in the fourth grade. In 1980 he graduated with a BA in Graphic Design and worked several years in Chicago in the pre-press industry working on color separations for local design houses while also working as a freelance designer. In 2007 he started providing custom apparel for schools, dance and cheer organizations, then in 2011 added promotional products.  Trends have changed over the years as technology has changed and improved, but Greg's passion for art, design and providing clients with a quality product with a great imprint has not changed. Greg loves working with clients that truly understand the power of promotional items and the way they help build brands. Greg loves helping clients create unique, one of a kind pieces you don't find by pulling something off the shelf. 

When Greg is not working, you can find him on his wakeboard boating cruising the lakes in Northern Illinois, spending time with his rescue dog Rizzo, or spending time with his daughters.

A cause that Greg is passionate about is the Alzheimer's Association. Since his Father was diagnosed in 1984 at a very young age, Greg has made a point to learn more about the terrible disease as well as make donations to the organization. BrandTastik has a team entered into the 2021 Walk to End Alzheimer's McHenry County, IL in order to raise money for the cure.


Lisa Barshay

  With 20 years in branding, I have seen what works and what doesn’t.  My philosophy is that each client is different, they have different objectives, needs and budgets.  But, most importantly to be successful in this industry is that you must consistently come up with fresh, creative ideas that fit with what her clients are looking for.  Being creative, thinking outside the box and taking the time to come up with solutions that meet your clients needs is critical to growing a relationship with each of them.  My clients range from small to medium businesses, retail stores, as well as large hospitals, schools and utility companies.  I am a solutions oriented strategist. My expertise is my ability to consult with my clients, use my resources and come up with a detailed plan to ensure that each project comes to fruition within the timeframe and budget that my clients require.


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