Pre-Set Kits

  • Nov 16, 2022

When distributor Lori Bostdorff at Red

Promotions in Bellevue, Washington, received a

phone call from one of her largest clients asking

for gifts for a virtual event just a few weeks away,

she knew exactly who to contact. Experience had

taught her that PowerStick was the only supplier

that could pull off the high-quality attendee gifts

needed and get them delivered to recipients’

doorsteps in time.

The event was a three-day virtual conference for

a major corporation’s engineering department

and the client wanted three gifts for each of the

245 attendees. The plan was for attendees to

open one gift together at the start of each day to

promote camaraderie. Timing was the biggest

challenge on this order as Bostdorff’s client made

the request in January and the gifts had to be

delivered to recipients no later than February 4.

Bostdorff got right to work. She contacted

PowerStick’s Cassidy Shaw and they selected

three pre-set kits each packaged in a medium,

white SILKEN box with a custom sleeve

indicating Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3. A card from the

department’s directors accompanied the mailing

thanking recipients for taking part of the event.

Inside the boxes were products to ensure a

successful virtual conference experience and

all products were decorated with the team’s

full-color logo. Day One was a TuneUp Kit with a

PowerPad wireless charger and Luna Bluetooth®

speaker. Day Two was a Boost Box including a

Wave wifi extender, FoldStand adjustable phone

stand and CableCatch desktop cable organizer.

Day Three’s box contained a Spot Pro Kit with

Spot Pro Bluetooth two-way finder, Ultra Buds

wireless earbuds and Aura light ring.

The packages were drop-shipped to recipients’

homes on January 31 using three-day ground

service to ensure delivery by the deadline.

“I chose PowerStick and these kits because of

the quick-turn time,” says Bostdorff, who says she

uses PowerStick frequently. “It was a last-minute

request from the client and we put all of this

together in less than three days.”

Bostdorff was delighted to learn that her client

loved all of the gifts, especially the quality of the

products. “It made my client look like a super

star,” she says. “Cassidy knocked it out of the park

and Production totally nailed it. Everything was

received right on time.”

Tune Up Kit, Boost Box Kit &

Spot Pro Kit



She was so grateful that she later sent pizza to the PowerStick team at its Ottawa, Ontario, headquarters in appreciation for their flawless execution of this crucial and complex order.



Asked why she chose PowerStick for this particular order, Bostdorff says, “You guys are the only ones who can turn orders like this in record time and Cassidy is just a wizard. All of your products are quality and you were able to make it happen. It was pretty impressive!”








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