Don't let bad branding destroy the brand you created.

  • May 3, 2021

If you're like me, you created your business, named it, and started building your brand.⛏

Your brand and reputation are everything.

Don't destroy it by choosing poorly thought out promo items.

Choosing the right items are key🗝 to building and maintaining a successful brand.

Here are five things to think about when choosing promotional items for your brand.

1️⃣ Rule 1- Understand who the recipient is.

2️⃣ Rule 2- Develop a unique style for your brand

3️⃣ Rule 3- Less is more.
Too much messaging and design will make your item look cluttered and busy.

4️⃣ Rule 4- Be consistent.
Extend your brand colors and design to all your marketing products.
This is a good way for your brand to become easily recognizable.

5️⃣ Rule 5- Be true to your brand messaging
Your brand is one of your single most valuable business assets.
Know what your brand stands for
And let your employees, clients, prospects, and competition know.

Following these simple rules will help to elevate your brand and your clients and target market will perceive you in a much better way.