• May 3, 2021

Do this if you want to up your branding game

Don't send every day OFF THE SHELF items.
If you have a great brand and you want to get more brand recognition for the RIGHT reasons, brand wisely.
If you want to swim with the sharks, you have to build your brand so you look like you deserve to swim with them.
Even if you are a small business, you can still accomplish this as long as you brand wisely and really know whom you are targeting.
Here's a suggestion for your next campaign.
✔Really hone in on the type of person you are trying to reach.
✔Come up with a unique bundle of a couple of items packaged creatively.
✔Come up with a clever phrase and unique messaging to go with your bundle.
This will set you apart from others that are giving away off-the-shelf items. They will remember you and tell others about you.
Send a bland everyday item to your target may have the opposite effect.
This shows you are creative and think outside the box. You thought about the type of client you want and you created a unique item just for them.
Your brand recognition has increased tremendously and you will not be thought of as a small fish🐟
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